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        Shenzhen Net-Edge Packaging Product Co.,Ltd.established in 2002 year.The factory located in LanLian industry park,Longgang Distrct,shenzhen,PRC.To good product,search,design,trade,service for client is our max standing.Our factory product heat insulation material,anti-static shielding bag,anti-stataic and anti-moisture vacuum with pure aluminum bag,anti-static and anti-moisture vacuum with nylon bag,anti-static shielding with self-seal bag,anti-static and anti-moisture vacuum with pure aluminum bag,anti-static and anti-moisture vacuum nylon with self-seal bag,anti-static shielding with adhesive bag,anti-static and anti-moisture vacuum combined with pure aluminum bag,anti-static and anti-moisture vacuum nylon with combined bag,kraft bubble mailer,metallic bubble mailer,conductive grid bubble cushioned bag,EPE bubble bag,white poly bubble mailer,compound bubble mailer,anti-rusty poly bubble mailer,anti-static conductive grid bag,conductive grid bag with self-seal,anti-static conductive grid combined bag,conductive grid combined bag,PE anti-static with line bag,anti-static PE self-seal bag,yellow and white kraft bubble mailer,white poly bubble mailer.

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